Friday, August 21, 2009

School Already?

So the old camera is still messed up, but this was taken on my cell phone. This is what Hailey has taken to referring to as her Hannah Montana outfit. She wore this her second day of school and definitely thought she was hot stuff. Danny and I are having a tough time thinking of her as a 2nd grader, but she is! She is adjusting so well to her new school and is making a ton of friends. We could not be more proud of her!
Both Hailey and I have recently changed our appearances somewhat dramatically. Hailey got about 6 inches cut off of her hair, and I got 8 inches. Granted, both are still less than the amount that my baby sister lost - see haircut. We are both still happy with the changes.
If you are on Facebook, you've probably seen that I have been working out a lot. Two weeks ago, I decided to join Curves and I feel great. My goal is to not only get healthy for myself, but to set a good example for Hailey. If I manage to finally motivate my Dad in the process, then I will be over the moon!
Danny and I painted our spare bedroom last weekend. It's now burnt almond, but looks pretty snazzy. He continually is such a gift to me and is so supportive of everything that I do. It's such a great motivator to come home from working out and to hear him say, "Babe I'm so proud of you." Plus he grills some mean mahi mahi.
I'm hoping to get the camera fixed here soon, so we will start being so much more interesting shortly. Keep the faith. And if you get a chance, come visit. I'm homesick...bring Gem City!


  1. You sound pretty happy and I am very happy about that. You have a wonderful family. I can't wait to see the new hairdo's.

    Love to All.

  2. YAY, I've been waiting for a new post!

    cute outfit, she's stylin'!

    I didn't realize your hair was long enough to get that much cut off. You should post a picture, or better yet, just come to Quincy.

    Miss you!!!

  3. So proud of you Hailey...for adjusting so well to your new school and making friends so quickly! I need to see some pictures of your haircut though...and Jessi's too. Love you, Grandma Deb ;-)

  4. Hailey you look awesome for school! Hope you have a great 2nd and Noah can share stories. Thanks for posting Jess-missed your blog entries

  5. Hailey looks adorable, and yes, VERY Hannah Montana looking. Hope you have a great year. Second grade is full of FUN new things, and cursive writing seems to be a favorite.

  6. sorry Jess, we had Gem City nachos last night, tasted great and I was thinking of you

    Aunt Jane


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