Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Stress!

We've had a bit of stress today! Hailey and I got home from shopping and were waiting for Danny to get done watching the Mizzou game when all of a sudden Journey started acting weird. She started limping, and then next thing we knew her back end was stumbling and she was falling over. Then her head started twitching and shaking in a weird way. We immediately took her to the vet, and they ran a ton of tests on her which all came back normal. Right now they are treating her for swelling on her brainstem and we will see if that helps. It also is possible that it could have been a seizure. Needless to say, this Mom was a bit freaked out!!

We woke up on Saturday to 4 inches of snow. I went ahead and ran my errands on Saturday which was nice because no one else was out. Between yesterday and today, I did my share of stimulating the economy. But when you have an almost 7 year old who is growing like a weed, you will have that! We made homemade pizza on Saturday night and Hailey's had a pepperoni smiley face. She also made me the sweetest card that is a picture of her and a note saying "I love you Jess. I like you Jess." I've attached pictures of both of those things.

Hailey also said a couple of those hilarious things this weekend. On Saturday, I brought home some molding clay for her, and I had called home to talk to Danny and told him about that. When I got home, I said I had a surprise for her, and she said, "I know. You got me mold." So funny.
Then we were singing this silly song that talks about God giving you power like Arnold Schwarzenager. She was having trouble saying his name and I told her that he is the governor of California. She didn't believe it was a real person, and finally said, "why did his parents name him that?" We cracked up at that too.

See you all soon!


  1. Poor Journey!! I would have freaked too. I hope she's doing ok.

    Hailey is such a doll. I hope she enjoyed playing with her "mold". LOL

  2. I hope Journey gets to feeling better quick. It is so hard when they can't 'tell' you what is happening. Look at our little princess in her PJ's....and there is NOTHING like the love of a child...what a sweet card she made for you. (danny--shut the cabinet when you take pictures of your ladies!)

  3. Poor does sound like a seizure-surprised nothing showed up in the tests-hope it is a one time event!and there is nothing to make you melt than a child showing she loves you...jessi you and Hailey are quite the pair-Danny is lucky to have you both in his life. Isnt is amazing how life gets people together?

  4. You didn't think Monday would be more stressful than Saturday did you? We love you guys. Hang in there.

  5. You have had some crap happen lately, huh? I hope you guys aren't feeling too sore from the accident & that Journey shows no more symptoms. A couple years ago Storm did something similiar when Matt was camping. I called the emergency vet, did what she said, and truly thought Storm was dying (as did my Dad & uncle who were here). By the next afternoon, Storm was running around like normal and has not had any signs of that evening. I hope you have the same luck!


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