Thursday, April 30, 2009

Runnin' Just as Fast as We Can....

We have been busy! I feel like I say that all of the time, but with all of the house dealings it has been wild. On the house front, our house passed inspection and it will be ours. Danny, Hailey, and I are so pumped about our new home. We have also been busy with soccer as you can tell from this picture.

We have also been spending quite a bit of time with my SIL, Kim, and our neice, Adi. Picture of the cousins - Hailey looks like such a big girl it!

This picture is from Easter. We just don't have a ton of pictures of us together as a family, so it made me really happy to have this one.

As we head into May, things are just going to get crazier! We need to pack of course and get that whole thing going. I'm coming to Quincy for Kris's bachelorette party, and tehn I will be back in town on Tuesday and fly out on Wednesday morning for a conference in Cincinatti. I will be there until Thursday evening. I'm not looking forward to it too much as I've really become quite the homebody. I don't mind travelling too much, I would just prefer to be with Danny and Hailey! Plus two weddings in a row. I am looking forward to having so much Bozarth time though!


  1. We can't wait to see you guys too!!

    Have safe trips, see you soon!

  2. You have one busy month indeed. It was busy enough without having to pack and move also. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Life really is all about being busy....and this month is a whirlwind month for our family, and even more so for you with a move thrown in. I wish we lived closer so I could help in anyway you needed, but we are looking forward to seeing your new home soon. I am SO excited for you all. Try to enjoy your travel time too...I always dread things like that, but afterward it is usually pretty worthwhile...even for us home bodies. :-) Love you...and see you soon.

  4. So glad all went well with getting the house-Congrats! Good luck on the packing and moving-that is ONE big chore! I am still unpacking boxes.......

  5. we have SO many weddings and events this summer i bought a new calendar to organize them all in. i too am much of a homebody.


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