Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

You always hear stories about little girls who want to grow up and marry their dads. Every girl eventually grows out of that and moves on to thinking her father is an old fart who is not hip with the times. I didn't exactly grow out of it. I grew older and realized that I wanted to marry a man who was a combination of both of my dads. Yes, I have two dads. My parents separated when I was 10, and I have had two dads for more than half my life. They are two extremely different people though.

I wanted someone funny and playful like Dad, but someone who worked until the job was done like Marvin. Someone with a strong appeciation of family and sports that both of my dads have.

It took me 23 years, but I found that man in Danny.

Hailey and I spent the whole week telling him that this is his weekend to relax and we would wait on him. So far this weekend, he has done a bunch of landscaping and is currently weed eating. On the same scale, he has taken the time to play in Hailey's pool with her and play fetch with Journey.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Marvin. I truly am blessed to be loved by both of you.

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life. You are an amazing father to Hailey, and I can't wait to watch you with our future children.

Hailey with Papa Marvin
Hailey with Papa Marvin and Grandma Joni

Hailey with Grandpa Jeff and "Aunt" Riley

Dad and I on my wedding day

Our happy family with the best father in the world.
Here is the video to Danny & my favorite Father/Daughter Song


  1. Thanks for the kind words. I love ya Jess! Happy Fathers Day Danny.

  2. Happy Father's Day, Danny! Hope it was a great day! Ours was fun and HOT at the Gustison reunion. ;-) Deb

  3. I never thought for a single minute Danny would kick back and allow you to wait on him hand and foot today...He seems like a hard workin' guy to me, and I know he loves his new home and will always do what is needed in the home maintenence dept....even if it means working on Fathers Day. I don't pretend to know Danny well, but you don't have to be around him much to know what a great dad he is and that Hailey is the apple of his eye. He also loves her enough to see that she behaves herself too, and that takes a dad and not a 'buddy'. I agree Jess that you did wait for the perfect man to come into your life to make it complete. So Happy Fathers Day Danny and Happy Fathers Day to the ones that raised Jessi into the beautiful kind-heart soul you made your wife. I love you all....Hugs.

  4. Happy Fathers Danny-if working was what you wanted to do on your Day...all the more power to you! I am so happy you and Jessi found each other and have started this life together, and have Hailey to add to the fun>Your house is fantastic! Enjoy it all


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