Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Awful

I'm so terrible about posting right now. We have been so busy, I haven't taken any pictures in forever, and I have just been so exhausted! I promise though, there will be many posts coming up. In the meantime, just know a few things:

1) Hailey gives the best hugs in the world. Today I told her I needed her to give me my favorite thing, and she gave me a hug. I actually meant an onion, but she's right - her hugs really are my favorite thing.

2) Danny finished up a bunch of our backyard landscaping. He followed that up by making me dinner while I laid out in the sun. He then served me dinner complete with a glass of wine. My hubby is a rockstar.

3) I am secretly glad that Hailey's last softball game for the year is tomorrow. I love watching her play, but I really am not crazy about the parents or girls on this team. Previously, we have always been really lucky and loved Hailey's teams, but this year their attitudes stink.

4) We are having out first real function at our house this Friday. Our friend Dustin is helping us, but the menu includes: ribs, kielbasa, and brisket in the smoker, ribeyes on the grill, cheesy hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, baked beans, deviled eggs, summer salad, and homemade ice cream. Doesn't that sound amazing? We are so incredibly excited.

5) On Saturday night, it will be just us and I'm making fried chicken. That's right, be jealous.

6) Each day, I am amazed at how much integrity my daughter has. She knows the difference between right and wrong and is never swayed. I know that this will change as she ages, but for now, I will bask in knowing that we must be doing something right!

7) I have killed every plant that I have ever had. My junior year of college, my stepmom gave me a plant that she guaranteed would live. It died in a month. After that month, it continued to sit in the window, and periodically my roommate would be convinced she could revive it by giving it a little Busch Light. I know a little Busch Light won't hurt anyone, but the plant never grew. My thumb must be turning green though because our plants are thriving. We've had a few ups and downs as we learn what kind of sun and water each type need, but we do have the best looking mailbox on our street and I have a hibiscus that loves my driveway! Couple that with some happy hostas, some vibrant vincas, and some wily wildflowers, and we have ourselves quite the yard.

8) The finches have come! I've been waiting and waiting for some finches, and they are finally here. Now if I can just get some hummingbirds....

9) My dog, Journey, will ride on my lap while I mow the lawn. Now that's devotion.

10) After 2 years in Kansas City, and as much as I love my life with Danny & Hailey, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't get a little bit homesick for Quincy.


  1. Friday, ya say? What time should I be there?

    You SOUND busy, so no surprise you are exhaused by the end of the day.

    You truly do have an amazing child AND a rockstar husband, for which I am the one that feels blessed, but am glad you do too. I look forward to my next hugs from both of them...and especially you!

    Have you REALLY been in KC TWO years? Seriously time flies faster than I can keep up.

  2. Great post Jess. Love catching up with you guys. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Give Hailey Bailey a hug for me.

  3. As you begin your family and settle in Kansas City, Quincy will always be your first home and it is OK to miss it and think about. But those amazing hugs are right in KC and I know they will hold you right here. And for that I am blessed!!
    Can't wait to come over on Friday and see the yard and just enjoy the first holiday with the Shavers in their new home. I will be contributing cheese brownies!!

  4. Hugs from kiddos really are the best medicine.

    I get homesick for you too!

    Wish I could come party at your house!

    Hailey and Danny are awesome. You guys are so lucky to have found each other.

  5. cheese brownies? SOunds incredible. Tymisha, we simply must meet.

  6. Is this blog still on? Hello......Hello.....


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