Saturday, October 17, 2009

Visits from Dad and a New Shaver

As many of you know, last weekend my Dad came to visit so he could go see the Cowboys/Chiefs game with us. We had an awesome time having him visit! I know he was quite impressed with the big dogs. I've got to tell you, there isn't much cuter than watching your dad play Guess Who with your daughter. He used to play that game with Jenna and me all of the time. Here are a few pictures from the game.

And here are your Kansas City Chiefs!

One of Dad's favorite players, Miles Austin. He had an awesome game!

More Chiefs entrance pics.

The football crazies.

I love this picture of us!

Seriously, how hot is Tony Romo? And isn't my camera amazing?!

Also, I'd like to issue a welcome to the newest member of the Shaver family: Daisy Shaver. She's a doll and we are crazy about her. Right now, she's all curled up in my lap taking a nap. Dr. G saw her today and says she is completely healthy. I can't wait for everyone to see her!


  1. Had a great time Jess! Thanks again for having me over. Thank Ken for me again as well. Guess Who is only fun when you play by the Jeff Bozarth special rules. Love you guys alot.

  2. Looks like an awesome time at the game...and your camera IS amazing...color and clarity are wonderful!!!

    "You're a Daisy if you Do" Welcome to your own Daisy....she is sure cute.

  3. She is a cute little puppers!

    Yes, Tony Romo is hot! Great pictures.

  4. I am so happy for you guys. I know Ms. Daisy has became part of a very loving and giving family. She will never replace Journey but she will help with the healing. Welcome Home Daisy Dog!!!

  5. I love her, Jess. What a cutie.


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