Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's hard being a bonus mom. Most of the time I put on my game face and I don't let anyone know that I'm struggling. Being the mom on a day to day basis, but not ever hearing a little voice calling you "Mommy" is tough. Something happened tonight though that made tears come to my eyes.

Danny and I went to parent/teacher conferences at Hailey's school tonight. We were a little nervous, but everything went great. She is doing well with her reading and we need to work on her math skills a bit more. At the end of the conference though, we went in the hallway and looked at the pictures on the wall. Each of the kids drew a picture of themselves and answered a bunch of questions. One of the questions was, "Name your family members." I looked all over for my name the list and couldn't find "Jess" anywhere. Hailey's said, "Daddy, Grandma, Papa, Isabella - her sister, Brett - her mommy's fiance, Mom, and Mom. That's right, Hailey called me Mom. My eyes welled with tears and I felt like a million bucks! This should tide my insecurities over for quite awhile. I love that little girl!


  1. Oh jess what a beautiful story....your little girl sure does love you! and on the other hand-I am so glad to be done with Paretn-teacher conferences!

  2. Awww, Jess, it's obvious she thinks of you as a mommy but I'm sure seeing that on paper just reaffirms it. You're awesome!

  3. Jess I think you do an awesome job with your blended family! It isn't always easy BUT it IS ALWAYS worth it in the end! Love you. :)

  4. I know it will be a moment you treasure in your heart always. You are 'living' what it is to be a mom and it is nice that Hailey already sees that. I think you were meant to find each other....I think Danny is the bonus! I miss you all...come visit soon!


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