Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Song

Dear Hubby,

In 5 days we will have been married for a whole year. It hasn't necessarily been the easiest year of our lives, but there is only one thing I would change. We didn't have the big wedding, but I don't regret that at all. I am sad that we never got to have a "first dance." We have so many songs that we consider our song. For the next 5 days, I'm going to have a countdown to our song. This will also include dancing at home in our living room, so be prepared.

Song # 5: Keith Urban - Got it Right

She believes in me like I've been tryin' to do
I'm seein' things I've never seen before
Ever since you came into my life I've been a better man

Run, Run, Run, I was running scared
Always lookin' for a place to leave
And I couldn't seem to find where I belonged
Until she took my hand

We can make this work out
Baby, I know it's true
I can't picture myself, with no one but you
And I think I got it right, this time

Oh Yeah

All of my life I've been lookin' for someone
Who believes in love the way I do
And I know I've make my share of big mistakes
But Girl I promise you


True belivers always find each other
And here we are
Always knew that you were out there just waitin' on me
For me to find my way
Find my way to your heart
Oh Yeah


After all the crazy days
I made it through
I can't picture myself with no one but you
And I think I got it right, this time
Oh Yeah

Love you handsome.

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