Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Toothfairy is broke.........

Well here we are! The Shavers have joined the blogworld. I thought this might be a good way for us to keep in touch a bit better. Nothing much to update on since we left Quincy except that Hailey has lost her two front teeth. She lost one on Sunday night when we returned home, and one on Thursday. She pulled the one on Thursday by herself which was of course a very big deal. I think the toothfairy is probably sick of visiting us though!!

Danny and I managed to catch headcolds, so we've been laying low all week and recovering. This weekend we stuck with that and did some shopping and visiting with friends, but that's been about it! I'll post more later, and I plan on putting some of my favorite pics from the Quincy trip on there.


  1. Welcome to the blog world Jess and family. Looking forward to your stories and pictures.

  2. Hooray, a new blog to read...but mostly, what a great way to keep in touch and keep memories of your married life from the beginning.

    Congrats to Hailey on missing her two front teeth...though too late for the great song "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth"

    Keep'em coming Jess...but I can tell you...I'll complain about the word verification thing.


  3. What a cute picture. Those first teeth are always so exciting.

    You didn't mention going to see the Twilight movie. You told me you were going. Jess, I'm disappointed in's going to be gone soon. GO SEE IT!! :)

  4. Great! Iam glad you are doing this. Love the
    historical bent at the bottom. Hi Haley!

  5. Congratulations Hailey! You look so cute with the big space in front! Have Jessi make a copy of that picture for Grandma Deb! Miss you!

    Looking forward to reading all about your life in KC Jess and Danny.

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere. Love you

  7. Another blog to start the day it! Somedays it takes all morning to catch up...and I am not complaining. Hailey you look so cute minus the teeth! and richer too I am sure!Keep those pics coming

  8. I'm so glad you started this Jess! You will love looking back at all your posts. I can't wait to hear all about your lives.

    Hailey looks adorable without her two front teeth! My team teacher at Washington used to take pictures of every kid when they lost both teeth. She put them in a book and it is so cute. Toothless smiles (on kids) are the best!


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