Thursday, May 21, 2009

And She Outsmarted Me

I sat Hailey down a few weeks ago to have a serious talk with her about water wasting. I have never in my life seen someone take as long of, and as hot of, a shower as what she does. Mirrors are fogged up, door handles are slick, and steam fills the room. No joke.

This little girl will stand under the water playing until her finger tips are wrinkled up like Estelle Getty's body. She has such an imagination that even after we took all of her water toys out of the shower, she has managed to make the washcloth be fun. If we tell her to take a fast shower, we know that it will still be approximately 15 minutes before she appears out of the bathroom.

Water is not cheap. The purpose of my talk was twofold: I wanted her to take faster showers to save us some money; and I also wanted her to stop drying out her skin. Since the talk, the temperature of her showers has improved drastically. However, the timing has not gone down a lick.

I cornered her again yesterday about saving water and how it helps the Earth.

Her response, "If you didn't make me take a shower everyday, we would save a whole lot more water."

I can't argue with that.


  1. Don't you hate when they throw those questions at you?? It just shows how smart she is though. (and clean!! LOL)

  2. Great story. Give her a hug for me.

  3. I'm having trouble imagining her taking a shower by herself. Riley definitely is not ready for that! (She could handle everything but washing her hair...)

    Have a great day. and give Hailey a big-hug for me! ;-) Deb

  4. That was too cute. She sure is a smart little girl, just wait until she gets a little older. Can't wait to see her tomorrow.

  5. Hi There! I just read your comment on the Mama Bird Diaries about "SAHM seeking Same." It SO resonated with me and I wanted to share a post that I wrote recently about this very idea of looking for a mommy soul mate.


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