Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

It is my Dad's 48th birthday today. That makes me feel rather old. I know it should make him feel old, but instead I'm noticing how fast time is passing. My Dad is a great family man and has given me so much. It is because of him that I have my love for both reading and history.

My Dad has also given me my love for several other things:

1) Nutty Bars. How wonderful are those things? Peanut Butter & chocolate on a tasty wafer that virtually melts in your mouth. I can recall eating plenty of those for breakfast. I may go ahead and blame my teenage weight gain and acne on those bars. Yep that'd do it.

2) John Denver. Yes, I am 25 years old and I have a love affair with John Denver. That music is my comfort music when I am sad, homesick, or sick. Perhaps Love truly is the muse for all Poems, Prayers, and Promises. I used to listen to John Denver on bus rides before softball and basketball games. Everyone else is listening to a little rap, maybe some hip hop. I'm jamming to a little Rocky Mountain High. Thanks Dad for teaching me how to fit in.

3) Being in Charge. My Dad coached me in softball and basketball for many years. As "Coach," he was the boss. I felt that as his oldest child, that made me the boss as well. Bossiness is my specialty, and I love to be in control of everything. That being said, this is also the thing that my friends and hubby get the most annoyed with me about. My response? I'm in charge bitches.

4) Being early. I love to be early everywhere. My goal is to arrive 10-15 minutes early no matter where we go. The purpose is twofold: I am never late this way, and I get to scope everyone else out. This always helps in new situations as I never feel the awkwardness as the new kid in town. Because I arrive 10-15 minutes early, the other new kids assume that I'm part of the in crowd. I do however take the being early bug to an insane level. If I am going to be late to anything, I typically won't go. This can explain why my grades my sophomore year in college went downhill. Blame yourself Dad.

5) Musicals. I know what you're thinking here, and please don't stop being my friend. Yes I love John Denver and musicals, but I promise that I can get down to some Lady Gaga too. The idea of people stopping what they are doing and breaking out in song is amazing to me though. I'm walking down the street and suddenly the hills are alive with the Sound of Music. I'm cleaning my kitchen and oddly enough, I've got a rocket in my pocket. . . Stay cool boy. I'm walking down the street and I'm belting out, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord." If you don't recognize those tunes, rent The Sound of Music, West Side Story, and Godspell. Dad, the hubby thanks you for my social awkwardness in public. Truly he does.

Honestly Dad, thanks for being you and for always loving me. Thank you for showing me how wonderful a big family truly is, for teaching me to be able to laugh at myself and at life in general, and for all of the hugs. I love you!


  1. That was a great post Jess and a great gift to your dad.

    I for one have always wished life were a musical. I would have no problem breaking into song at any given moment. If only I could sing though....

    Mmmm, it's been years since I've had a nutty bar....

  2. So, I just bought Nutty Bars yesterday!!! Everything you said definitely related to me too, except the bossy thing. I think you were bossy enough for the both of us. AND...I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on TV last week!!

  3. Wow, I almost cried a little. Thanks Jess for the wonderful post. Bless your beautiful hide, wherever you may be.

  4. Oh my gosh! I listened to John Denver all the time when I was little. I still count Take Me Home Country Roads as one of my all-time favorite tunes. :)

    Pssss: I have an award for you over at my place,

  5. What an awesome post!!! I love you Jess and thanks for giving such a wonderful 'gift' to your dad! Deb ;-)

  6. what a great post Jess...your dad is MORE than Blessed to have such an incredible daughter that thinks so much of him. I do have to say how great it is that he took his own family "traditions" (lets face it ...Uncle Joe OWNS "the john denver thing", and it was a family EVENT for your Grandma Elaine when there was a musical on TV) and passed them on to you. Hopefully you can do the same with your kids.

  7. I loved your post Jess. I got teary also, I'm sure your Dad did. We used to sing musicals as we washed the dishes. We all have it in our blood. Too bad some of the in-laws (Tim) don't share our love of musicals and John Denver.

  8. Happy Bday Jessica's dad. I love that you focused on the love that he "taught" you. A very sweet post.

  9. Holy cow sweet was that?
    LOVE that pic of you and your Dad, he still looks the same to me...
    And hey, I blame Bozarths for John Denver being on my IPod~just can't think of your family without a little *Rocky Mountain High* playing in my head :)


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